Ontario PC
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Ontario PC Youth Association
The Ontario PC Youth Association, or OPCYA, is the official youth wing to the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. The organization is a collection of PC activists between the ages of 14 and 28 in Ontario.

OPCYA is committed to the growth and development of youth associations and campus clubs, the engagement of high school students, and outreach to youth at the riding level across Ontario. Our goal is to build better relationships with our youth movement and exchange bold new conservatives ideas with our peers and the general PCPO membership. We are also the parent organization of all riding-level PC youth associations. 

Past Presidents

Below is a limited list of former OPCYA Presidents. If you have any information that can help us fill the gaps on this list, please email opcya@ontariopc.com.

2016 — Kinsey Schurm

2015 — Zack Goldford

2013 — Alanna Newman

2012 — Clare Schulte-Albert

2011 — Grant Dingwall

2010 — Beth Corbett 

2009 — Brayden Akers

2008 — Andrew Brander 

2007 — Michael Wilson 

2005 — Leslie Morrison 

2003 — Patrick Harris

2001 — Dave Forestell 

1996 — Walied Soliman

1992 — Mike Heenan

1991 — Joe Kondrat

1990 — John Capobianco

1988 — John Baird 

1986 — Allan Williams

1982 — Ken Zeise

1980 — John Polak

1978 — Bruce MacLellan

1976 — Scott McDougall

1974 — John Tory

1970 — Sean O’Sullivan 

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